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2026 World Cup Bidding Process Will Delayed

The United States, Canada and Mexcio have announced that they will make a joint bid to host the 2026 World Cup recently. It will be the first competition since the number of participating teams increased from 32 to 48, if these three countries win the bid, it was also the first World Cup to be jointly hosted by three countries. Under the proposal the USA would host 60 matches,with 10 games each in Canada and Mexico. The decision on who will host the event will be made in 2020. That decision is three years later than previously scheduled because of corruption allegations surrounding the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qutar. The USA host the 1994 World Cup, which had the most average attendance in the tournament’s history, while Mexico was the first country to host the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1986. And Canada hosted the women’s World Cup. Donald Trump has determined to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico who is the president of USA, but Sunil Gulati, president of the United States Soccer Federation, said that Trump is “supportive” of the bid and had “encouraged” it. “The United States, Mexico and Canada have individually demonstrated their exceptional abilities to host world-class events,” added Gulati. “When our nations come together as one-as we will for 2026-there is no question the United States, Mexico and Canada will deliver an experience that will celebrate the game and serve players, supporters and partners alike.”

The start of bidding process for the right to host the 2016 World Cup will be postponed because of the ongoing investigations surrounding football’s world governing body. The decision on who will host the tournament had been made in Kuala Lumpur in 2017. The Russia’s Sports Minister said that there is no doubt that Russia will host the World Cup in 2018. The FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke was support to the official and said that there is no evidence to indicate that Russia’s bid process did not compliance with the regulation. Sepp Blatter was announced his resignation last week and FIFA will hold a special Executive Committee meeting to talk about the dates for the election to replace him in July. The football’s scandal-plagued world body was failed to confirm UK media reports that the election is scheduled to take place on December 16th in a statement.

FIFA admitted that bribery exist in the process of bidding the 1998 and 2010 World Cups and trying to recoup tens of millions of dollars in damages. It is the first time for FIFA to admit that South Africa’s ten billions payment to Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer was a bribe for World Cup votes in 2010 in a legal document. And Warner also accepted a bribe for his 1988 World Cup vote. “The convicted defendants abused the positions of trust they held at FIFA and other international football organizations and caused serious and lasting damage to FIFA,” FIFA President Gianni Infantino said Wednesday in a statement. “The monies they pocketed belonged to global football and were meant for the development and promotion of the game. FIFA as the world governing body of football wants that money back. And we are determined to get it no matter how long it takes.”

France’s Supporting to Morocco in 2026 World Cup Voting

Noel Le Graet, president of French Football Federation told France will vote for Morocco in the contention for hosting the 2026 World Cup rather than the bid prepared by United States, Canada and Mexico. As all members who are eligible for for voting on June 13, Morocco and North American will contend for the host.

Noel Le Graet says they will not support a country following them closely. Africa once host one World Cup. The number is small. Morocco is ready for the 2026 World Cup, in spite they have no same means as their fellow contenders. France national football team will give their vote to Morocco. Someone told ESPN FC that there may be resistance to the North American bid. In addition to France, much of Asia and South America hoped to support Morocco.

At the start of the week, some officials of Caribbean nationa Dominica and Saint Lucia also expressed their willing in supporting Morocco. When it refers to other continental confederations, it is estimated that some confederations are possible to vote in blocs. For this reason, CONCACAF is finding its support for the North American bid split. Dominica, suffering the hit of Hurricane Maria, has learned a lot from Morocco. These knowledge leaves us more possibility.

France needs support from fans and media. Paul Pogba is a potential laureate of the 2018 FIFA World Cup this summer in Russia. But he added the pre-requisite of the victory – support from football fans of France national football team rather than criticism. Boasting one of the most competent squad, Didier Deschamps’s team is one of the favorites to win the competition this summer in Russia.

In spite of the great potential of the team, France national football team stumbled through the qualifications of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Among a load of unconvincing performances, France lost to Luxembourg in Sweden. Their recent 3-2 loss in a friendly at home raised more questions involving the team’s attitude. But pogba is still confident about their win in the World Cup.

When Pogba is asked their possibility in grab the trophy at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he always says, “Certainly, We own excellent football players, and they are everything for us. What we need is not a single football team, we need a team.

“Although we have competent team, we still need to work like that. When confronting strong football teams, our team may win extremely good results while it is more difficult when going head to head with average football teams. It is necessary for us to learn from football games like that.

At the 2018 World Cup, competition among numerous national football teams will become increasingly difficult. So, it’s not an easy task for France side. Due to great reputations, France side would like to win every game 5-0. Pogba will be the main targets of criticism from demanding local media and public. The midfielder of Man United call on his compatriots to follow him, and he emphasized his request for unity and solidarity. He also suggests that correspondent shall play a more positive role rather than rub salts on their wounds.